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    The Leading Global Supplier Of Lithium Battery Separators

    SEMCORP is a globally leading enterprise of advanced materials, including lithium-ion battery separator and packaging materials.

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    Investing in technology is investing in the future

    With market and technology as the orientation, advanced technology is applied to focus on the continuous upgrading of separators and packaging materials.

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    In 2022, a total of 4098.7 tons of paper & plastic packaging materials were recycled. Also, SEMCORP’s expenditure to ensure safety in production was 23.77 million RMB, an increase of 90.46% compared with that in 2021.

Our Products

The world's first-class material R & D and production enterprise and the most competitive packaging enterprise in China.


Through technological innovation and precision management, we are providing customers with products and service of excellent quality, and are building a leading brand in the new material field in the world.

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    Established in
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    Billion RMB
    Net profits

    *Extracted from the 2022 Annual Report

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Continuous technology improvement, technology innovation and the capability to integrate and improve technology and equipment.

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    Production capacity
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    Talent/ technology R & D
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    Intellectual property rights
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    Outstanding operation capacity
  • Production capacity

    By 2025, ENJIE plans to deploy lithium battery separator film production bases in three major regions of China, the United States and Europe, with a production capacity of 17.5 billion square meters (including planning).

  • Market

    Already in the supply chain system of the global mainstream lithium-ion battery manufacturers, with cooperation established with 30+ renowned enterprises both at home and abroad.

  • Talent/ technology R & D

    By scouting top talents of the industry in the world, the company has set up a technology R & D team composed of professional research and development personnel from the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

  • Product/equipment

    As a supplier with a rich variety of lithium-ion battery separator products, it boasts production equipment co-developed with internationally advanced equipment manufacturers, independent intellectual property rights of the products, and equipment with high precision and stability.

  • Intellectual property rights

    Stressing the layout of intellectual property rights. As of 2022.12.31 the company holds 520 patent rights, and has realized mutual sharing or licensing of technology and intellectual property rights with industrial giants such as LGES of South Korea, Teijin of Japan, and Celgard of the United States.

  • Outstanding operation capacity

    According to the third-party data, in 2022,SEMCORP's total global market share for the separator (produced with both wet and dry process) was 37%, which rose to 46% if only accounts for the separator produced with wet process.

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